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Dueck Defense™ develops tactical and competitive weapon sight systems. Dueck Defense™ products are truly a demonstration of Plato's adage, 'Necessity is the mother of invention'.

Barry Dueck, nationally ranked 3-Gun competition shooter and Marine veteran, found that by having a second set of sights on his weapon, he could speed his target acquisition significantly when having to alternate between near and far targets.DueckDefense

Barry began to explore the optimum way to adapt his idea to existing equipment without adding weight and also without conflicting with his standard mount optics. Barry settled on the M4/M16 sights, engineering them to mount to the upper picatinny rail but at an offset of 45° to avoid conflicting with the primary sight.

Using the Dueck Defense; 'Rapid Transition Sight™' -RTS™, is as easy as tilting the wrist. Minimal range time is required to take advantage of the many benefits this sight system brings to competitive, tactical law enforcement and armed services personnel. The system is easily mountable on either side of the weapon allowing for right and left handed shooting.

Click here to see how easy the RTS™ installation is

Dueck Defense Guarantees all Dueck Defense products purchased from DueckDefense.com and the Authorized Dealers listed on this website only.

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